Friday, February 10, 2017

Widebody Giulia Quadrifoglio Rendered as Stunning Alfa Romeo Transformer Robot

When did you last look at the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio and considered it has too few exhaust pipes? How about its body kit - the curves of the Italian are anything but tame, right?
Well, there's one digital artist out there who has interesting answers to questions such as the one above. His name is Khyzyl Saleem and he enjoys messing with hugely popular vehicles, be they fresh or retro, for the fun of it.

The young British artist was recently challenged by one of his friends, who is a car photographer, with the 502 hp Giulia Q being the focus and you are now looking at the result.

Now, before we leave you drool all over your smartphone's screen (if you've reached this point in the story, chances are you're not among those who find such renders offensive), there are a few ideas we need to drop.

In our book, the sweetest feature of this wider-than-life Alfa is the contrast between its tiny factory boot lid spoiler and its otherworldly arches - a wing would've turned this story into a nod to Alfa's DTM past.

And if we focus on the (345-section?) tires that fill the said arches, we can easily imagine the whole contraption as a transformer robot.

Since the Italian brand is now in the midst of a rebirth project, one that should help it re-conquer the US market, perhaps a Transformers take wouldn't hurt.

Or maybe we've stared at its machine gun-like exhaust tips for too long and we're now enjoying the effects of a collective hallucination. Guess we'll never know...

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