Thursday, February 16, 2017

New Pagani Huayra Roadster Revealed

There's one car that we're waiting to see at the Geneva Motor Show this year and that one is the Pagani Huayra Roadster and there are two reasons for it. One; it's drop dead gorgeous, well, just look at it and two this is not just a Huayra with the roof removed; it's an all new car and even supercar builder Horacio Pagani wants everyone to know about it.

The essential shape and design cues have been taken from the gullwing coupe version, yet the folks at Pagani say that it has applied lessons learned from creating the hard-core Huayra BC in building the roadster. The Pagani Huayra Roadster still comes with the Mercedes-AMG V-12 engine but it's more powerful, lighter, stiffer and according to the company better in the ride and handling department too.

Only 100 examples of this Roadster will be produced and each will be sold for, wait for it, $2.4 million. If you're wondering that those deep pockets of those have the cash required to buy this one, don't bother fishing for it. All 100 units of the Huayra Roadster have already been sold.

Pagani had started building the roadster in 2010 but the idea was scrapped and it was in 2013 that work began anew on this car. All the elements of the car had to be redesigned to optimize aerodynamics.

The front end sees a fresh intake and splitter setup, the rear diffuser is different and the wheel arches are now wider. The roadster, however, retains the coupe's movable aerodynamic elements, including two flaps up front and two at the rear that work to maintain downforce. All the panels have been now moulded in carbon fibre and this means a substantial reduction in weight.

One of the main goals while building this roadster was weight reduction and Pagani have managed to shed 80 kg, which basically means that the car is Huayra roadster is now lighter than the coupe and the weight stands at 1280 kg.

The central tub is constructed from carbo-titanium and carbo-triax HP52 which is a combination of two carbon-fibre weaves. The front and rear substructures are made from steel tubing. Pagani says that the roadster is 52 per cent stiffer than the coupe and that's a big achievement.

Coming to the roof it doesn't get, it isn't a convertible so do not expect it to get a retractable roof. There are two removable roof arrangements. One is a carbon-fibre lid with a large glass panel that provides a coupe-like appearance while the other is a carbon-fibre framework covered with fabric that can be stored in the car.

Under the hood is the Mercedes-AMG M158 twin-turbocharged petrol engine. The 6 litre V12 has been designed and built specifically for Pagani. In the Pagani roadster, this engine puts out 764 bhp and develops and monstrous 1000 Nm of torque from as low as 2400 rom. Power is delivered to the wheels by a seven-speed automated manual transaxle built by motorsports supplier Xtrac. An Automac Engineering-tuned ECU pairs with hydraulic and electronic actuators and carbon synchros for smooth shifting. There's also an electronically controlled limited-slip differential which was co-developed with Bosch. Pagani claims the gearbox is 40 percent lighter than the previous unit.

Giving it a wonderful stance are the forged-aluminium APP Tech wheels and up front you get 20 inch wheels while the rear sees 21. Pirelli developed P Zero Corsa tyres specifically for this car; and the folks at Pagani claim that it enables an astounding 1.80 g of lateral grip which is very surprising.

While Paganis are works of art, the Huayra is no different. It looks better than brilliant we can't wait to see it in the flesh at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.

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