Sunday, February 12, 2017

Alfa Romeo Stelvio Kills Dreams Of 505hp Audi RS4 Rival

After seeing the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio running rampant in the compact performance segment, we can’t help but hope to see more variations of the Giulia coming out in the near future. There are many indications of this happening but today, they are all put to rest by Alfa Romeo.

Alfa specifically revealed earlier today that they have decided not to pursue more variations of the Giulia QV as they want to focus on the development of the Stelvio. This means that the rumoured 505hp Giulia Wagon won’t be happening at all – at least until further notice.

The potential Audi RS4 killer is now being shoved aside in favour of the Stelvio and Audi can be relieved about it. We can’t blame Alfa for making such a decision as they need to act cautiously if they want to be in a strong financial position.

When the dollars inside Alfa’s bank account has stabilized, the company can be at ease and produce more exciting vehicles without having to worry much about high risk projects.

The Stelvio will be competing in the ever-popular SUV category and it will need to strike gold for Alfa to achieve a strong position in the automotive industry.

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